Hey, Agatha June!

Design for Impact

I help startups and product teams translate their big ideas into meaningful user-centered experiences.

My Bag of Tricks

I create digital tools + experiences through research, prototyping, gamification and design.

UX Strategy

Design a game plan for the product experience.

Human-Centered Design

Discover the right problem and key touchpoints.

Evidence-Based Design

Research and gather data to test assumptions.


Utilize game mechanics to enhance engagement.


Create mock-ups and test ideas in the field.


Build just enough product to validate key experiences.

How It Works?

Each project is unique, but most tend to include these steps.

Empathize + Define

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and business goals.


Propose creative solutions to minimize friction and nail those goals.


Visualize potential solutions and show them to others.

Test + Learn

Gather evidence to validate the best path forward.

Why It Works

Create Winning Solutions

Uncertainty is unavoidable in product design, but we increase the odds of success through research and protoyping.

  • We gain clarity on what really matters and let bad ideas go.
  • We understand what is resonating and double-down on the winning solutions.

Deliver Real Value

We all carry cognative biases that skew our problem solving abilities.

  • By talking to customers, we can tailor unique solutions to create real impact.
  • By understanding habits and mental models, we deliver real value.
Recent Work

Challenges and Outcomes

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Value Voting

Designing a Path to Leverage Political Influence.

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Fintech Bot

Designing a Savings Solution for Millennials.

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Designing the Future of Personal Photography.

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I can help you bring your ideas to life. I've collaborated with 30+ entrepreneurs and startups to create their initial product offering through prototyping, iteration and design.