Designing a Savings Solution for Millenials

The Challenge

Money is a stressful and emotionally loaded topic that conjures up anxiety for many of us. How might we make something so heavy, like saving for the future or paying off student loans, feel like something exciting and personally fufilling?

The Outcome

We designed an interactive savings bootcamp, delivered via SMS that utilized game mechaincs. We used personalized insights to address individualized circumstances.

We developed a community of engaged daily users, many of whom added real money to savings accounts.

Project Overview

Making saving money an opportunity for self-care.

  • Follow the data

    We interviewed millennials to gain insights on their motivations and unmet needs around money.

  • Meet them where they are

    We built a chatbot interface where users could customize the experience and communicate with the bot directly.

  • Provide real-time feedback

    We designed user journeys enrinched with game mechanics and rewards systems.

  • Double down on wins

    We developed a community of daily engaged users who added real money to savings accounts.