Designing a Solution to Leverage Political Influence

The Challenge

Politics is a subject so painful that it ruins holiday dinners, inspires social media meltdowns, and causes a loss of faith in humanity.

How might we provide a solution that maximizes the power of the average registered voter into an individual capable of influencing positive change.

The Outcome

Advocacy group leaders can share anonymized voter data to understand their total influence over a politician (voters/turnout needed to win), coordinate with other groups and decide where to mobilize.

Value Voting was accepted into the 2017 Y Combinator program and 530,000 voters are using the platform. Alliances have been formed between groups – with 290,000 anonymized voter profiles shared.

Value Voting - Project Overview

Building tools to unlock political influence.

  • Iterate and test

    We prototyped the MVP and presented versions to advocacy groups and their members for feedback.

  • Leverage political participation

    We built solutions for advocacy groups to visualize opportunities for change in their districts.

  • Quantify the impact

    We surfaced voting statistics that supercharged the work of political advocates.

  • Grow the influence

    We made it possible for advocacy groups to quickly align their resources.